It's easy! Just remember to key in your full address including: Street name Building name (if your delivery location is an office or residential building) Block no. Unit no. Company or shoplot name (if applicable).

If your delivery location is in an office or residential building, please key in the name of the building in the address input. Ensure that you read the full address (including street name) so that there aren't any confusion. 

Once done, please specify your block and company name (if applicable).

i.e I work with Maxis near KLCC, so I key in 'Menara Maxis'. Google Maps will offer a few different options, I need to make sure I click on the correct building, which is the second option 'Menara Maxis Kuala Lumpur City Center'

If your delivery location is in a landed property or a shop lot, please key in the name of the street where you reside. Then include a shop name (if applicable) or your unit number.